How It Works

Bridging the educational gap in rural areas
Lifelong Learning

The Velammal Digital Library is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning and academic excellence, and provides users with a wealth of information to support their studies and research

Ideal Resource

Whether you're a student, teacher, researcher or lifelong learner, the Velammal Digital Library is the ideal resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of a wide range of subjects.

Large Collection

It features an extensive collection of books, journals, multimedia resources, and study materials, catering to the needs of students, teachers, and researchers.

We Offer a Full Range
of Digital Resources!

Discover a comprehensive collection of digital resources to support your educational journey.

Unlock your potential with our diverse range of digital tools and materials.

Empowering Rural Communities
with Digital Education

We aim to provide equal opportunities for education and knowledge sharing in rural areas.

Our platform is designed to bridge the educational gap and empower individuals and communities.